Create the Soundest Schedules PossIble – & Execute Them wIth ConsIstent Success

Project Management is all About Planning the Work, then Working the Plan

It sounds so simple, yet with the complexities inherent in today’s projects, teams still struggle to deliver projects successfully under the triple constraint of cost, time and scope.
Time and again, these projects come in overtime and over-budget – and everyone thinks it has to do with execution.
But that’s only half of the equation.
The fact is, if your schedule isn’t sound, then you’re working a faulty plan, guiding you toward an unsuccessful outcome.
The main flaw in most schedules is that they’re unrealistic.
As an industry, we’re too ambitious with our planning, and inaccurate schedules can’t produce achievable success.

Fuse Aligns Expectations & Improves Communication

Fuse offers all project stakeholders – from contractors to owners – an immediate and vivid view of where a plan isn’t working, as well as options for course-correction moving forward.
This establishes an alignment of expectations and communication between owners – the people who invest financial capital to get projects going – and contractors, the people who invest their expertise to get projects done.
With Acumen Fuse, planning the work becomes faster, easier and much more realistic, so that working the plan is smoother, cheaper and, at the end of the day, much more successful.

Fuse Facilitates the Whole Equation

Acumen Fuse is a comprehensive project analysis, visualization and problem resolution platform – a software application that complements your existing scheduling tools to:

♦ Help you build sound, realistically do-able schedules without manual critique;
♦ Provide you with metric analysis, a clear visual and comparison context of your schedule quality, cost-forecast accuracy, risk-model realism, earned value and project performance,
♦ Give you a repeatable way to score and critique schedule quality, pinpoint weaknesses, evaluate performance during execution and gauge the impact of changes.

Fuse provides project intelligence through advanced analytics, which gives you unique insight into how to improve project plans and execution – which ultimately leads to a competitive advantage out in the marketplace.

A sound schedule is the key to a successful project.

The Fuse Schedule Index™ has been proven to increase a projects probability of success.

ComparIson, ComplIance & Context

Acumen Fuse offers unique and innovative features that let you see your schedule as nothing else can and as you never have before.

Project Analysis

Acumen Fuse provides comprehensive metric, logic and forensic analysis of your schedule.
Fuse offers hundreds of metrics – from our Acumen-specific ones to industry standards – that span schedule, cost, risk, earned value and performance.
You can use these existing metrics, alter or regroup them to meet your needs, or easily create your own.
Fuse also lets you quickly check all logic links within projects, pinpointing open ends, out-of-sequence activities, redundant logic, reverse or circular logic, lags and leads.
Then, Fuse takes all that analysis to the next level with the Fuse Index™. It not only scores your schedule, but also combines your scores with thresholds to give them context – allowing you to see the big picture

Fuse Metric Analyzer takes less than 15 minutes from data import to report generation.
A manual analysis takes 8-16 hours.

Fuse Forensic Analyzer identifies variances in less than 1 minute, rather than the 2-4 hours for a manual or Excel-based approach.

Project Comparison

Acumen Fuse provides forensic analysis to identify schedule changes and their potential impact on the project.
Fuse offers forensic analysis that examines any activity attribute, and shows variances between two or more schedules, cost estimates or risk models, so you can track changes and progress across project updates, and drill down to the root causes of delays or overruns.
Fuse’s forensic analysis is unique because it not only tells you what has changed and why, but also the effect of those changes on your overall schedule – for example, whether activity duration changes significantly affect critical path.

Project Compliance

Acumen Fuse provides the analysis and benchmarking necessary to comply with government and industry standards.
Fuse offers many metrics that are actual government standards, including metric libraries for the Defense Contract Management Agency [DCMA]’s 14-point Assessment, the Government Accountability Office [GAO]’s Scheduling Best Practices, and the National Defense Industrial Association [NDIA]’s Generally Accepted Scheduling Practices [GASP].
In fact, these agencies use Fuse themselves to determine compliance during schedule auditing.
Using Fuse, you can conduct a self-assessment prior to government audit, spot problem areas and consider how to best solve them, ensuring your compliance with standards, a successful audit, and overall schedule quality.

Unrivaled Reporting Flexibility, Tailored to Fit Your Audience & Information

All the innovative analyses in the world can mean nothing if you can’t communicate to key people what they need to know about your project.
Whether you’re reporting to executive stakeholders or internal team members, Acumen Fuse gives you unrivaled flexibility in how you present your project to others.
Fuse offers four types of reports, all of which can be published to PDF or Microsoft Office.

♦ Executive Briefing: A high-level, thorough yet easy-to-read synopsis of overall project status, concise characteristic descriptions, schedule quality analysis and resolution recommendations.
♦ Analyst Report: An in-depth “to-do” list of analysis results, with a detailed view of project quality and schedule strength either over time or by ribbons [activity groupings].
♦ Dashboard: An interactive summary of project status, schedule quality and analysis results, all integrated into a single view. Fuse’s one-of-a-kind dashboard module is fully configurable to display multiple metrics options at once as charts, graphs or gauges. You can easily create custom reports by simply copying and pasting the dashboard view into your Microsoft Office applications.
♦ API Custom Reports: A flexible means of extracting analysis results directly into third-party custom reports or external applications. Fuse’s Application Programming Interface [API] engine lets you generate custom reports or publish directly to web-based services and applications, to portals such as Microsoft Sharepoint, or to third-party tools such as Crystal Reports.

Acumen Fuse gives you unrivaled flexibility in how you present your project to others.

A typical Fuse report takes 15 seconds to create.
A comparable manual report takes 4-8 hours.

Acumen Fuse provides the analysis and benchmarking necessary to comply with government and industry standards.

Multi-Platform Integration

Acumen Fuse integrates with all scheduling, cost-management, earned value and risk-assessment tools available today.
Its integrated analysis module can import and analyze tens of thousands of activities across multiple projects and platforms in seconds, providing you with a true view of the project as a whole.

Fuse seamlessly imports numerous types of project data for immediate analysis:

♦ Microsoft Project & Project Server
♦ Primavera P6 & Primavera P3
♦ Deltek Open Plan
♦ Powerproject
♦ Deltek Cobra
♦ PrismG2
♦ Primavera Risk Analysis/Pertmaster
♦ Microsoft Excel/XML data

For other data formats, Fuse offers a generic import module.

Acumen Cloud: Communitizing Analytics

The Fuse platform is further enhanced with Acumen Cloud which lets you securely and anonymously compare your Fuse analysis with thousands of comparable projects around the world.
The Cloud performs its own analysis of your Fuse Index™, scoring and ranking your schedule among other similar projects worldwide.
It is a limitless, self-learning knowledge base of global project data, designed to make smart comparisons, and enable you to make the most realistic and sound schedules possible.
Based upon how well you’ve planned the work, intelligence within the Cloud predicts how well you’re going to work the plan. So not only does the Acumen Cloud show you how your schedule compares, but it also forecasts how successful your project is likely to be.

Fuse Helps to Develop Better Plans & Better Ways to Work Them

Through Acumen’s research, Acumen has identified a correlation in project management between scheduling quality and completion success:
The better the plan, the more likely the project will come in on-time and on-budget.
Acumen Fuse has a proven record of helping planners, project managers and schedulers build better plans.
Its advanced project analytics platform leaves little room for error, and substantially improves the accuracy and achievability of your schedules – leading to more successful projects for you.

Add Acumen Fuse to Your Existing Scheduling Tools, & you can:

♦ Analyze limitless projects and activities rapidly, accurately and repeatedly – a task impossible to do manually;
♦ Use the hundreds of included metrics or create your own for custom analysis, then slice and dice results by any grouping and any time segment for in-depth insight and the best available visualization;
♦ Ensure your compliance with government and industry standards by doing a self-assessment prior to audit, using the exact product agencies themselves employ to determine compliance;
♦ Seamlessly import and analyze activities across multiple projects and platforms, share and compare your project with others like it around the world, and create custom reports or publish results directly to the web, portals or third-party applications; and
♦ Go beyond scoring and troubleshooting your schedule with the only software platform that gives you true project intelligence, consistently putting your analytics into contexts that help you understand the best ways to avoid delays, cut costs, mitigate risk and measure performance.