EcoDomus Lifecycle Facility Data Management


EcoDomus is an information technology firm focusing on improving the ways buildings are designed, built,managed and retrofitted using BIM.

EcoDomus is the leading provider, bringing the value of BIM to building owners and occupiers for improved design and construction data collection and handover, facility management, operation and maintenance.

Key product BIM FM, also supports integration of occupier business data with building data to allow analysis of interaction between business and facility.

EcoDomus software provides a ‘Common Data Environment’ for all relevant types of information.

It gives a 3D view of facilities in an easy-to-use format for facility managers that links the Asset Information Model (in BIM) with real-time facility operations data acquired by meters and sensors (Building Management Systems, BMS) and facility management (FM) software.

This allows for intelligent analysis of a building’s performance and supports better maintenance practices, resulting in significant reductions in labour hours and energy use.

EcoDomus provides the following:

• Highly flexible technology that brings together software, data and operational systems, integrating with facility data management systems.

• An integrated ‘Single Source of Truth’ database with a visual 3D interface for data collection, analysis and asset data maintenance over the whole facility lifecycle.

• Secure access to the common data environment and good management practice built-in.

• Support for open information standards, for example COBie.

• Scalability to support Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data applications.

• Mobile and web interfaces to support site-based working.

• Deployment in the Cloud or behind private firewalls.


The lifecycle information management occurs not in one software or database – it’s impossible to build a solution that would be equally good at all parts of facility’s management.

Geometry is created in BIM Authoring models (i.e. Revit) but not all information – some is added during the project and is contained in Project Management systems.

Other information is managed in the commissioning or maintenance or space management systems.

Add to that spatial data from GIS and live sensors data from BAS and you get a pretty complex picture.

EcoDomus connects to these applications and provides them with the unified Asset Information Model.

Historically, all these applications dealt with a subset of Asset Information Model because each one of them automated only specific processes.

EcoDomus’ goal is to contain or connect facility data sources to create a complete picture for the facility elements.

EcoDomus Enterprise includes all available EcoDomus software tools into a single unified platform well suited for organization-wide lifecycle facility data management deployment.

The software suite of products helps our enterprise customers address business process workflows through all of the stages in the facility lifecycle, as presented below.

EcoDomus Lifecycle

EcoDomus solution becomes a central facility repository, a “single source of truth” aggregator for all lifecycle facility data at the most detailed level.
The software ensures that all the available customer databases are integrated to provide for the advanced analytics via “data mashup”:

EcoDomus Integration

EcoDomus FM (“Facilities Management”) is a software application that provides for real-time integration of BIM with Building Automation Systems, like Siemens, Honeywell, Johnson Controls, or others, with CMMS/CAFM/IWMS software like IBM Maximo, ARCHIBUS, AssetWorks AiM, Accruent FAMIS, TMA Systems’ webTMA, Corrigo, or others, and GIS from ESRI (ArcGIS) and Google (Google Earth).

EcoDomus FM can serve as a part of Central Facility Repository (CFR) helping owners keep data always up-to-date across the applications and databases.

Please review some of the features listed below.


EcoDomus FM allows you to filter information by locations or disciplines, and build custom reports. for “data mashup”.
Use GIS-like navigation to see your buildings or other assets on a map, and combine BIM and GIS functionalities for “data mashup”.

EcoDomus Portfolio Assets View

See your assets in 3D to track mechanical, electrical, plumbing systems and identify areas of concern, i.e. plumbing leaks.

Review assets’ properties and open linked asset documentation such as product datasheets or photos.


Review product documentation, such as submittals, datasheets, warranty, specifications, etc.
Documents are attached to assets, systems, locations, facilities, as specified by COBie rules.

EcoDomus Documentation

Review your spatial information both in BIM and Point Clouds received from Laser Scanning.
Browser-based interface allows you to navigate remotely and see your facilities in photo-realistic view, and measure distances between any two points. Tag your assets within the Point Clouds.

EcoDomus Laser Scanning Interface

EcoDomus integrates Building Automation Systems (BAS) with BIM to enable sensors’ data tracking within 3D.
Quickly track HVAC systems’ performance by reviewing individual elements’ data points values.

EcoDomus BIM & BAS

Track your surface finish schedules, i.e. wall paint or ceiling tiles, and automatically calculate the total surface area to find out how much paint you need.
See the fire ratings for your walls and doors, and quickly locate them on the floorplan.

EcoDomus Advanced Reports

EcoDomus PM (“Project Management”) is a versatile software solution dedicated to enabling the usage of Building Information Models (BIM) and Lean processes for managing facility data during new construction for BIM handover, renovation of existing buildings, or just collecting data to create accurate as-builts.
EcoDomus PM helps reduce time and costs of collecting and validating design/construction/commissioning information.


Access BIM in the field on smartphones or iPads with EcoDomus Mobile:
review and edit properties of BIM objects, add documents and photos, scan barcodes to find objects in 3D, create punch list / snags, view building systems and location properties.

EcoDomus Mobile Data Editing

Manage your documents in EcoDomus Common Data Environment (CDE) – use metadata to define your files and workflows, check-in and check-out documents for editing, comply with PAS1192 requirements for CDE, integrate documents with COBie, use tags to filter documents.

EcoDomus Common Data Environment

BIM quality control and quality assurance are based on BIM guidelines and standards.
If detailed guidelines are available then a quantitative review is possible, and automatic verification can be done through the EcoDomus PM software.

EcoDomus Data Quality Control

The EcoDomus solution deals with the COBie data by providing both a simple browser-based web form interface and 3D interface.
These two interfaces allow for the collection and validation of data and provide a means for verifying and editing the COBie information in a virtual building.

EcoDomus COBie Editing