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Powerproject BIM

Powerproject BIM (formerly known as Asta Powerproject BIM) is an integrated module for Powerproject which enables you to easily link the tasks in your project plan with 3D model components for 4D planning in one application. This makes it ideal for tendering, communication, and progress monitoring.

  • Identify problems that may not be visible via traditional schedules
  • Run scenarios to assess feasibility of execution and find the best solutions
  • Study how the build process will appear at different stages through the project
  • View progress in 3D and visually compare planned versus actual
  • Work seamlessly with plan and model in one application
  • See the impact in the 3D view as you update the Gantt chart
  • Easily create your project plan from your 3D model
  • Fully integrated within familiar Powerproject interface
  • ‘Drag and drop’ objects between model and Gantt chart
  • View models externally and internally
  • Compare easily with split screen functionality
  • Share views easily with free viewer
  • Export animations to video and show a timeline view of the build sequence
  • Save images to clearly show each build stage
  • Keep everyone up-to-date with one clear view comparing planned versus actual
  • Reduce risk of human error and speed up the linking process
  • Update the plan and model easily as the project progresses
  • Identify process improvements before getting on site

Import costs from estimation software, such as our Bidcon application.

“Powerproject BIM (Asta Powerproject BIM) – Use the power of 4D planning for more rigorous scheduling”

Our Clients Say

“Using BIM and adopting digital technology is essential for any forward-thinking organisation in this market.”
Carlos Peñaloza
Senior Lead Planner, Minsur
"Powerproject BIM gives us a high-level overview of the project."
Ibrahim Patel
Planner, Galliford Try
"It is so easy and straightforward to generate a 4D visualisation of the programme.”"
Tim Huxtable
Senior Project Planner, Laing O’Rourke Construction
“Among several 4D solutions in the market, we chose Powerproject because of the sheer simplicity of connecting the main schedule with the 3D models. We are sure we will replicate this on forthcoming projects.”
Jose Luis Hurtado
Project Controls Manager, Minsur
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