Provide accurate dashboard reports showing progress, cost and resource status for effective communication on performance.

Senior management hate surprises about overruns and problems and want to be kept informed on progress, but do not have time to wade through detail to find answers.

This can mean project managers have to spend a lot of time creating reports, often in different formats for different people.

For those project managers using silos systems and paper-based processes, compiling and presenting reports can be an especially laborious experience and senior management

can get frustrated at not having easy access to the information they need.

Business Intelligence provides easy to create, professional looking reports that can be easily tailored and delivered with one click.

Why Choose Powerproject BI?

It is a powerful analytical tool for generating clear portfolio reports on any combination of project data.

Status reports can be easily created without the labour intensive task of having to collate the data manually.

As a result, Project Managers can produce and publish key performance reports, critical milestone reports, cost reports and much more with ease.

Business Intelligence has a built-in exporter which enables data from Powerproject to be combined with third party data sources to form tailored web-reports for specific users.

It comes with a number of report templates as well as easy-to-use tools so you can create personalised, professional looking reports which management can run whenever they want to.

If you need access to Business Intelligence when you are away from the office it is available via mobile access, including iPad.

Those with experience of Microsoft SQL will be able to create their own dashboard reports, while those less experienced in report writing can benefit from our professional consultancy services.

Reports can be published in numerous formats including Excel, PDF, HTML, XKM, TIFF and CSV enabling you to manipulate the data further or communicate it in the desired format.

With Business Intelligence you get complete visibility over your current performance to ensure your objectives are being met and that costs are tightly managed and profits maximised.

With Business Intelligence you can:

• Generate accurate dashboard reports with ease

• Get early warning of any delays or issues in meeting deadlines

• Get complete visibility over the status of all your projects, resources and costs

• Drill-down into data for further interrogation

• Access standard reports such as KPI, Critical Milestones, Resource Performance

• Get tighter cost control with visibility over project margins and cash flow

• Improve communication between all stakeholders

• Speed up the decision-making process