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Powerproject Enterprise

A proven application for collaborative working across projects
Powerproject (formerly known as Asta Powerproject) was specifically developed for the construction industry and has evolved over the years with ongoing input from our customers to keep in tune with the way that planners work. The Enterprise solution allows a number of people to access and update a central repository of project data.

Specifically designed for planners

“Powerproject Enterprise (Asta Powerproject) is ideal for teams working within a single project or for empowering visibility across multiple projects, as all updates are synchronised in real-time. It has been used to successfully deliver a wide range projects from 2 planners sharing data on a site through to large scale construction”

Data reporting and integration

Our Clients Say

"We needed the Enterprise version because, unlike in a typical single project, we may have 200 different critical paths which don’t interact at all, yet we need to monitor and track resources and cash-flow within the whole contract."
Graham Roebuck
Chief Planner, Skanska
"Using Powerproject (Asta Powerproject) not only made the job of scheduling a much easier process but also meant we could consult more easily with the local council and communicate our plans to all stakeholders"
Rob Owen
Director, Mace
"We can manage and control our resources, both human and technical, in a better way with Powerproject. Our technicians and engineers have more time to work, where before they spent a lot of time on reporting"
Carlos Noriega
Plant Engineering Manager, Southern Peru Copper Corporation
"We now use Powerproject Enterprise to coordinate the assets across our projects; we programme current and future projects and assign our assets to them, to gain a better understanding of what else we might need"
Brandon Taggart
Resource Planner & Programmer, FM Conway
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