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Powerproject Vision

Bring transparency, control and integrity to your Powerproject programmes

Project consistency

One common access point for all your project schedules, ensures one version of the truth and with full version history logged for later review.

Communicate project activity effortlessly

Automate project review, approval, and amendment workflows and provide up to date reports without hours of manual consolidation.

Why Choose vision?

Clear visibility on performance

With project data stored centrally and consistently, this delivers project insights and performance against key performance indicators to decision makers.

Full Hosted Service

Powerproject Vision is a fully hosted service, available to customers based on your expected number of users.

Top Construction Companies are choosing our solution

Powerproject supports more than 100,000 professionals worldwide in delivering successful projects.

Powerproject Vision

how it works

When starting a new project, Powerproject Vision is used to create a programme using one of the approved project templates hosted in the system

A number of roles and fields within the project can be assigned, such as Planner, Manager, Reviewer etc.

Notifications can be sent when key actions are performed, such as requests to approve a plan

To work on the plan, the programme file is “checked out” to a named user, who can work on it locally in Powerproject until they are ready to submit it back to the online portal

Fully customised workflow manages all steps. For example, upon approval, a baseline and delivery programme can be generated

At each step, copies of files are saved to provide a full change history


Powerproject Vision is a fully hosted service, available to customers based on your expected number of users.
Our expert consultants will work with you to design your custom workflow, configure the system to your needs and help you pilot the process on your initial projects.
Our team can also assist with the production of bespoke business intelligence dashboard reports, based on the KPIs that need tracking.

Customer Feedbacks

“Powerproject Vision enables us to view live project data across all our projects bringing greater transparency and consistency. It will help our planners to focus on the day job and not be distracted by lengthy reporting processes, whilst allowing the wider business to understand project status at a glance.”
Derek O’Neil
Head of Planning, Careys Civil Engineering
“Powerproject Vision has also helped us to standardise our workflows by controlling our planning governance. It can help set which planning activities happen at what stage, establish quality criteria, what authorisation gateways they must go through, and what peer review or project manager signoff is required.”
Steven Tideswell
Head of Business Excellence, VINCI Construction UK

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