Product Overview

Seavus ProjectViewer is a stand-alone, low-cost software for viewing Microsoft’ Project Plans, suitable for all project oriented organizations, from small and medium sized companies to large corporations.

With this software solution you can view the native .mpp file format without the need to have Microsoft’ Project installed on your computer.

By allowing all project members and project executives to view, print and analyze their project plans, Seavus ProjectViewer enables them to take greater control over project completion and deliver projects successfully.

Over 5 million users around the world and over 250 Of Fortune 500 companies use Seavus ProjectViewer.

Experience the Benefit of Seavus Project Viewer

Seavus ProjectViewer is the first viewer to implement complete support for Microsoft Project 2016, Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016, providing independence from Microsoft Project or operating system versions installed.

To manage a project effectively, users have the need to communicate different project information to a variety of people and with Seavus ProjectViewer, you can print different views, tables or reports that present the exact information you want to show or share.

Seavus ProjectViewer allows users to view the status of the whole project, the work completion status, resources allocation status and project and resources costs overview using the Dashboard, Resources and Costs Reports.

By using reports that can be generated and customized according to you preferences, even for older MS Project files, you can rapidly measure the project progress and communicate more effectively with your project team.

Using the Time category, users can customize their own graphical reports and monitor how a certain parameter changes throughout the lifespan of the project.

Integration with sharing platforms and online storages for a greater collaboration

Seavus ProjectViewer enables full support for Project Plans and Master Project Plans published on Microsoft Project Server so you can open, view and print your project plans and Master Project Plans published on Microsoft Project Server, so that everyone involved can have access to the updated project information.

The complete Microsoft SharePoint Integration enables you to manage all your project plans directly from SharePoint hosted in-house, or to collaborate with team members using the SharePoint in the cloud (SharePoint Online) included in Office 365 suite.

Share your project plans by utilizing the integration with Google Drive and SkyDrive and allow all the team members to have access to the updated version of your project files.

Familiar Microsoft Office User Interface

Seavus ProjectViewer is the fastest viewer that opens large and complex project plans and Master project plans that supports 100% of the views of any edition of Microsoft Project and provides additional custom project views.

Seavus ProjectViewer substantially decreases the learning curve and lowers the risk of possible misinterpretations by displaying views, charts, tables, filters and groups exactly as they appear in Microsoft Project.

Unique collaboration without server installation

Seavus ProjectViewer is the only viewer for Microsoft Project files that provides a collaborative environment for project teams, without server installation.
With the Task update functionality, teams can easily introduce a collaborative project environment where they can:

• Get real-time project status
• Continually evaluate team’s performance
• Build knowledge for future projects
• Simplify project collaboration
• Save time and avoid useless communication between team members and Project Manager.

Dedicated Support & Security

Considering the security of your project information to be a top priority, Seavus ProjectViewer has options to open password protected files, which will help you keep your project information from being accessed by unauthorized personnel.

The Technical Team is 100% committed to the customer’s satisfaction by providing worldwide customer support and online help and respond to all customer requests within one business day.