Aerospace & Defense Company uses Acumen for Enhanced Usability & Earned Value Reporting

In 2014, the enterprise software for operating systems across the desktops of a large Aerospace & Defense company was being upgraded from XP to Windows 7.
While the upgrade was beneficial from a company-wide technology perspective, it effectively made the company’s current Schedule Risk Assessment and Analysis tool – Primavera Risk Analytics (PRA / formerly known as Pertmaster) – obsolete.
Team leaders were faced with a decision to either upgrade their current software or look at something brand new.

Aerospace & Defense Company uses Acumen for Enhanced Usability & Earned Value Reporting

“What we found is that Acumen Risk fusing with Acumen Fuse was the best way for us to move forward and deliver high-quality reports. That has been really, really vital for us because we have a lot of very large schedules.”

»» A Functional Manager for Program Planning, Control & EVM


Acumen Fuse was already the company’s tool of choice for basic schedule analytics, and team leaders wondered if there were additional products that could be integrated to provide a more seamless and efficient experience for their user base.
♦ No matter what tool they chose, it had to meet three key criteria:
»»Does it provide better use capability?
»»Can it support U.S. government customers’ requirements for Earned Value?
»» Is it modern?


Acumen Risk, Deltek’s complementary solution to Acumen Fuse, quickly emerged as the ideal solution to meet the company’s needs.
♦ Acumen Risk offers a clean, modern and intuitive user experience for project teams, allowing the tool to be deployed across a variety of programs and used by analysts with varying levels of expertise.
♦ In a landscape characterized by complex contract requirements and the need to demonstrate execution excellence, Acumen helps this Aerospace & Defense company improve customer confidence in the execution of its contract deliverables.


♦ Users are leveraging Acumen’s intuitive slider bars to easily assign risk without manual entry – whether they are working on a small project or a large project that pulls in thousands of pieces of data from outside sources.
♦ The processing time for reports with Acumen Risk has also been reduced to minutes compared to hours with the company’s previous tool.
No matter what the schedule size, users can input data, hit go, and minutes later have a formalized, easy to understand report.
♦ Many of the company’s government customers have been so pleased with the results that they’ve explored purchasing their own licenses.

“It was a seamless transition to go from PRA/Pertmaster to Acumen. You had just a little bit of having to learning the tool, but once we got up on it, it was pretty clean.”