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Create quality schedules and execute them with consistent success and minimal risk. Automate the schedule submission process while adhering to your best practices.

Deltek Acumen suite

Deltek Acumen Fuse helps you diagnose and more importantly, resolve project shortcomings in a matter of minutes, eliminating time wasted on manual validation techniques that take your project team away from their core project work.

Acumen Risk™ helps you effectively account for and proactively reduce risk exposure resulting in an accurate forecast you can rely on.

Acumen 360 generates schedule scenarios in real time, allowing you to hypothesize acceleration opportunities or threats of delay and immediately see the impact. With 360 you can identify areas where acceleration is possible, helping you make up for lost time during execution or identify a path for coming in earlier during planning.

our expertise

License delivery

We are an authorized solution partner to provide licenses of Acumen Fuse, Acumen Risk and Acumen 360.


At Prime PMO, we understand you would like to learn Deltek tools quickly so you could start using them to improve project performance. That’s exactly what we do. Our classes are designed to get you up and running fast. Our experts will provide hands-on training who have have years of experience implementing Deltek tools in the field.


We are specialized in Enterprise Project Portfolio Management, Schedule Analytics and Diagnostics, Schedule Risk Analysis, Project Lifecycle Management, BIM Management, 4D-BIM & 5D-BIM & Lifecycle Facility Data Management.

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