Digital Twins to Help Fight the Pandemic

Date: 25 March 2020 | Time: 4 PM London Time | Duration: 60 minutes

Join this Free Webinar focused on how facility owners and their providers (AEC/FM firms) can operate in the new constrained environment defined by the virus spread!

How can we all contribute to fighting the spread of the disease by creating virtual replicas of facilities and infrastructure (“Digital Twins”) using BIM, IoT, GIS, FM applications.

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EcoDomus, the #1 provider of Common Data Environment (CDE) software for Lifecycle BIM (from design & construction to operation & maintenance), will explain how to make it all work in real life.

EcoDomus’ experts will demonstrate a few case studies, and explain how to:

– Apply Mobile BIM for cleaning inspections;
– Track facility elements that are more susceptible to virus spread;
– Control facilities remotely while everyone is working from home (BIM+BAS);
– Integrate BIM with IoT (presence sensors, video cams) to better plan space utilization;
– Streamline issue reporting and tracking workflows;
– Handover design & construction information to owners for critical FM use.