Resource Management with Powerproject


Powerproject is designed to give full support to all construction professionals and it is continuously being developed by the needs of the industry.

Resource management is executed with Powerproject to cover all the needs from small or medium sized projects to the most complex construction duties around the world.

With Powerproject, construction estimators can decide how many resources are going to be needed to the project and manage how many days or hours resources will be allocated to finish related activities.

Powerproject provides to the professionals two types of resources.
One of them is permanent resources such as engineers, site workers or equipment such as mobile or tower crane.
Another one is consumable resources. In construction projects consumable resources are generally used materials like concrete, steel, reinforced bars or formwork.

To control all the project resources in the programme, it is needed to exist in the project view.
All the project resources are added to the programme in Library Explorer.
While adding resources into the programme, resource availability, working calendar for different crews, cost/income values and work rates are arranged.

Important thing in Resource Management is modelling the project resources.
Powerproject enables to model the resources in five different types.

First one is ‘Non-Modelled’ is used if a resource is going to be used for all duration of an activity. This type does not have any balancing parameter while making resource calculations. Calculation of resources can be allocation, duration or effort.

In the second modelling type, ‘Effort on Allocation’, provides any calculation of allocation, duration or effort parameters with balancing allocation or effort parameters and it is used if man-hours or machine-hours are certain to finish the activity.

Third modelling type is ‘Work on Allocation’ which makes the same calculation and balancing but also, taking work amount and work rate parameters into account. This type is used if work amount to finish activity is known.

The difference of next modelling type, ‘Work from Task’, is taking the work amount and work rate data from the task and makes all the calculations and balancing procedures as same as previous model.

The last model, ‘Effort Activity Budget’ is used to balance multiple resource allocations in a budgeted effort.

In Powerproject, controlling resource availability and allocation using graph provides more advantage against controlling via spreadsheet or bar chart only.
Resource graphs give clear understanding of resource distribution and provide accurate determination of over-allocation of resources when occurred.
Distribution of resources with time can be specified with resource curves.
By default, resource curve is linear and this type of curve, makes calculation that every elapsed day, same amount of resources remains allocated on an activity.
But, by using different resource curves to the allocated resources, allocation number varies for every activity day.

Resource management is a necessity of successful construction project management.
Powerproject’s flexibility is a result of development to fulfil the requirements of construction market.
That is why, Powerproject is promising to hear user’s feedbacks and continue developing accordingly.