Schedule and Risk Analysis with Acumen

Date: 22 September 2020 | Hour: 15:00 (UTC+3) | Duration: 45 minutes

Pinpoint and resolve schedule shortcomings in a matter of minutes.

Acumen is a schedule diagnostics and risk analysis tool that integrates directly with all major scheduling tools to help validate project and portfolio schedule quality and analyze risk. Gain unparalleled insight through detailed project analysis with industry-proven standards and user-defined metrics to establish the high-quality schedule required for project success.


– Controlling and monitoring project portfolios.
– Creating and structuring schedules.
– Resource assignment and management with different types of resource modelling types.
– Cash-flow analysis and tracking project cost and income.
– Turning cost schedules into payment schedules and multiple sub-contractor management.
– Project progress update and reporting options.
– 4D BIM planning and time simulations for planning optimization and baseline control.